GRACE & IVY Wholesale

Well hello! So glad you’re considering becoming a stockiest by wholesaling with us. Grace & Ivy Candle Co is run by three generations of hard-working women and the men that are stuck with us! Ha! We’re a 100% natural soy wax candle & tart wax company.

We are in the business of creative soy wax designs with non-toxic fragrances that we hope you fall in love with. We've developed candle collections, squeezable wax melts, regular wax melts, dessert candles and much more. 

We’d be beyond honored for you to consider us as your partner in all things home fragrance!

Great news! We've partnered up with FAIRE! They're a great wholesale platform that's offer YOU some great discounts and bonuses for joining us there. 

Please click HERE to check out our listing on Faire and enjoy $100 credit and free shipping for a year on FAIRE with us. 


1. If you need scent descriptions, feels free to check out the “Scent Descriptions” page on the website. 

2. Our minimum initial order is $150, and reorders are at $100. The minimum quantity requirements are listed on Faire. 

3. Our processes time is 1-4 weeks depending on the collection. Please inquire for more details.

4. Shipping is not included the prices listed below, and is the responsibility of the buyer. However, FAIRE is running a 1 year free shipping deal with us for anyone who's new to the platform. 

Lastly, reach out by clicking the button below if you have any questions or if you need a larger order or a private order. Happy to discuss your business needs anytime!

Appreciate you and best of luck in your business venture!

Laurie – The Candle Crew Captain

Shine Your Light for all to see